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Someone on reddit posted a link to some info on Slovenian beekeeping the other day, which prompted me to start googling and find this.

These hives (sheds, bee houses, bee vans, whatever) are gorgeous and super cool. It’s fascinating reading about a culture in which beekeeping is such an ingrained part of their society. I didn’t even realize that the “carniolan” breed of honeybee (which my new queen is) comes from that area.

There’s something rather romantic about this kind of beekeeping (or maybe just the lush hills in the background) and it’s that feeling that attracted me to beekeeping in the first place; the idea of working along with the bee’s nature to mutual benefit. The craftsmanship of the hives is a big part of the appeal for me, as well (which is probably why I opted for a completely odd style of hive that I couldn’t just buy off a shelf).

Maybe someday, I’ll build one of these bee huts. After my observation hive… And my top-bar hives.

Actually, a top-bar-style hive could work really well in a stacked setup like this… Time to get out sketchup.

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April 17, 2015 · 4:40 am