I’m sorry it’s been so long!

There just hasn’t been much going on in the hive. I think I mentioned that I expanded their nest a bit, icing them another 6-8 frames to build out. They haven’t seemed to care much, though.

They had built a little comb on one of the new frames, but the others remained untouched, so I stuck a couple between the drawn out frames at the edge of the brood nest. So far, that seems to have had the desired effect.

I’ve also figured out a way to fit a Mann Lake top feeder on the hive (the middle support board was too close to the edge). It took a few days, but they’re finally taking the feed. Mostly, I just want them to build out as much comb as possible. Once they’ve got the hive mostly built out, I’m going to try a split, I think. That’ll be about 16 frames for each. 

The queen is still laying like a champ (or was a week ago when I opened the hive last). they’re building up that workforce quick.

Anyhow, here’s some more slow-mo bees. Because why not? 

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