Okay, not really.

I opened the hive back up today to make sure their cross-combing was under control. Of course, it wasn’t. Though, it was better than last time.

Today, I only had to work on three frames. I ended up taking out some fairly large portions of comb, most of which, again, fortunately, were nectar and pollen. I then pushed back into place the comb that was out of sorts with my hive tool.

I think everything is fairly straight, now. We’ll see, though.

Aside from the cross comb, the girls are doing a great job. There is a ton of capped brood in the hive, and a decent amount of capped honey and pollen. I’m considering putting the feeder back on, but I think they’re doing fine without it, and I’d rather they be foraging than getting too used to the feeder being there.


When I last had the hive open, I moved the follower board back, and gave them another 6-7 frames, as they had built out comb on all of their available frames already. They haven’t yet started building onto the new frames yet, but it’s only been a couple of days, so I’m not too concerned.

One nice part about their having built out so much comb is that they’re not as densely clustered everywhere. It makes getting frames in and out, and checking the comb much easier.

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