Jeez. Get it together, girls!

a couple of days ago, I had an opportunity to open up the hive to see how my girls were doing. Unfortunately, the broken comb I had rubber banded back into two of the frames had given them a solid excuse to start some cross-combing. 

Four or five frames were all joined together by stray pieces of comb, each attaching one frame to the one next to it.

I ended up doing some major surgery on the cross comb. Fortunately, most was just nectar/pollen, but I definitely opened up some brood in the process, which made me feel like a bum, but it seemed necessary.

What I’ve learned: if you break some comb off in your new hive… Just leave it out. If I had left out some mostly-empty comb a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t be having to kill fairly mature brood now. 

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